Based in Chicago in the United States of America, Contigo are a company that designs and makes drink containers.  They focus on mugs and water bottles that are strong and easy to use, yet look good; ideal for today’s hectic, on the go, lifestyle.

Water bottles are usually made of plastic, a versatile material that is durable, light weight and reusable.  Plastic is generally a safe material in which to store water, although be aware there are different types and grades of plastic including polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which is used for the single use bottled water that you buy in stores, and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) which is what many reusable sports bottles are made of.

While plastic is safe there is some concern that some water bottles may leach a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA), a hormone disruptor that affects the reproductive organs.  Contigo are committed to making quality, environmentally friendly products, using a non toxic plastic called Tritan, that contains no BPA and which is dishwasher safe.

Contigo have developed and patented a unique, one hand use, spill and leak proof drinking system called AUTOSEAL® that avoids the need to take off a lid or fiddle with a spout.  By simply pressing a button on the back of the bottle, a seal opens, allowing you to drink.  When the button is released the seal closes automatically which prevents leaks and spills.  A separate vent hole in the lid, meaning that water flows quickly and evenly, unlike the majority of water bottles on the market today.

Contigo water bottles come in a variety of styles to fit any lifestyle.  These include:

Madison – Available in 24 and 32oz sizes, the Madison is Contigo’s base model water bottle.  It comes with the  AUTOSEAL® system  and a carabiner type clip for easy carrying.

Martinique -  Slightly smaller than the Madison at 18 oz, the Martinique is a double walled water bottle, which improves insulation and can keep water cold for several hours.

Addison -  Unlike other Contigo models, the Addison is a 24 oz bottle with a spout which is released with the press of a button.  When not in use the spout is protected by a cover.

Kangaroo –  The Kangaroo is a 24oz bottle with a unique feature – a storage compartment large enough to hold keys and credit cards.  Like the Addison it has an easy open spout.

Darcy and Dalton stainless steel water bottle -  Made of 100%, impact resistant stainless steel, the Darcy and the Dalton are great for camping trips when a sturdy water bottle is essential.  The Darcy contains 25oz and has a printed motif around it.  The Dalton contains 28oz and is plain, brushed stainless steel.

Contigo water bottles come in a variety of styles and colors that will meet any need you may have.  The one handed, spill and leak proof design is perfect for use at the gym, on camping trips , or even round town when it may not be possible to keep a bottle upright.