The problem with many water bottles is that in addition to needing to unscrew a lid or open a spout in order to drink, they are prone to leaking when they are not held vertically.

Contigo designers and engineers have developed a patented system known as AUTOSEAL®, a leak proof and spill proof system that really works.  I’m always busy, often carrying many things, rushing from place to place.  I have a 24oz Contigo water bottle and mug and have dropped and knocked them both over many times.  They have scratches and the mug a few dents, but they continue to work perfectly, never spilling a drop.

The AUTOSEAL® system is contained in the lid of the water bottle.  There is no need to unscrew the lid; the system is designed to keep the seal closed until you open it by simply pressing a button on the back of the bottle with one finger.

In addition to the AUTOSEAL® system, Contigo water bottles are made of Triton™, a copolymer made by the Eastman company  which is free of BPA, a harmful chemical found in many plastics.  The bottles are  dishwasher safe and have wide mouths, making it easy to add ice cubes to your drink.  A vent hole in the lid keeps water flowing continually and smoothly, and there is a carabineer type clip integrated into the lid for easy carrying and attaching to backpacks or purses.

I love my water bottle, but as with anything there is a downside.  For the AUTOSEAL® bottle it is the time it takes to clean the lid.  As with any water bottle, it will start to smell and mold may form if you do not look after your bottle.  While the Contigo system is dishwasher safe, the company recommends you wash the lid by hand after each use.

The  way to clean the AUTOSEAL system is by soaking both the lid and bottle in soapy water.  If the lid is dirty, or if you have had a sugary drink in your bottle, you may need to soak for an hour or so.  After this clean the outside and inside of the bottle with a cloth and use a small bottle brush to get to the inside of both the top and bottom of the lid.  When clean, rinse well and air dry, keeping the lid separate from the bottle to prevent moisture and mold build up .

The great thing about this water bottle is that, if like me, you forget to clean your bottle lid; you can purchase replacements that come with free shipping.